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Portable Simula Revisited

This is a new Simula System created by the
Open Source Project 'Portable Simula Revisited'.

The project was initiated as a response to the lecture
held by James Gosling at the 50th anniversary of Simula
in Oslo on 27th September, 2017.

This Simula System is written in Java and compiles to pure
Java code with one exception; the Goto Statement need to be
corrected in the byte code, which is done automatically.

Project Pages

Before you can download, make sure that Java is installed on your computer.
Open source Java may be downloaded from this page: Download Java OpenJDK

NOTE: The Simula system is approaching its first release and you may very
well start using it. Your feedback will be valuable to finalize it.

Simula Documents

About Simula

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